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According to Us

One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

I love childlike creativity. Sometimes that means there is a big mess. Sometimes that means they are real loud, and sometimes that means they send you emails like this one. The subject heading said “Sleeping Bag Club”. The Oldest sent it to me this morning. I am leaving the typos and poor word choices as is.

  • donate one or more dollars
  • feel free to express yourself by sending gifts
  • Vice president Sweet T would like it if all donationers have a reason for their donation.
  • even a box of goodies will be good
  • our acctivites are always paid by us.
  • we need a driver
  • call 378-0006 the president of the club for more imfo I guess it’s good that she got our phone number wrong.
  • no donations mean no happy kids!

If you ever feel uncofortable about this then you can just send us a box of old gloves. send the box to Tori and Kiki’s closet.


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