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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

I love the little hole in the wall places. Sometimes, though, the place is so cool that you can’t really call it a whole in the wall. Yesterday we went to a place off Route 66 called Pops. When you pull up it looks like a gas station. I mean, it is a gas station. As you go in, you realize this is no ordinary gas stop. Along with the delicious hamburgers you can also buy every kind of soda pop there is. Not only do they sell just about every kind, but several varieties of the different kinds. They specialize in old pops from the 50’s and pops made with cane sugar (instead of corn syrup.) Here are some of my faves:


We use to drink this in college. It's a ginger ale from Kentucky

Gaurana is a popular drink from Brazil. Lots of caffeine!

One of the many varieties of Root Beer. I like the name: Dang!

Sweet T.'s choice. I think she liked the pink label

Ginger Beer: a little different from Ginger Ale. Fist had some in Williamsburg, VA


In Route 66 fashion, outside of Pops there is a giant light-up bottle.



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