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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

I love seasons. I love warm spring days when everything seems to suddenly awaken from a long sleep. I love hot summer days of playing in the sun trying to stay cool. When you can’t stand the heat any longer, the leaves begin to change color and there is nothing like fall. I even love the cold winter months and lack of sunlight. It helps you to appreciate warmth.

This weekend the kids were sporting around in shorts and t-shirts in our wonderful 70 degree weather, and now I can hardly believe we are going to be buried in snow tomorrow morning. I know that little groundhog is not even going to feel like looking for his shadow this Tuesday. He might get frost bite just sticking his nose out into the air.No doubt there will be another 6 weeks until spring.

Although the couple of days of early spring were absolutely a treat, I can’t wait for it to snow. We watch movies, drink hot chocolate, play video games, and unfortunately for the older two still have school. That’s the down side to homeschool. You don’t cancel class because of weather. Or illness. I know. I must be sick in the head. Snow days are like extra weekends. I guess it’s easy to appreciate the snow when we don’t see much of it.

With the rapid change in our weather, it has me thinking about life. Sometimes we know that the seasons in our life are about to change. Maybe a family member has been sick with cancer or is simply aging. Other times we look forward to the change in season (like waiting for spring) with a new life in a small child or even starting a new job.  Then there are those times that the seasons change suddenly, and we simply were not ready. Maybe we had an idea that it was going to be bad, but when we woke up we realized that it was far worse than what the forecasters had been calling for.

It is in those times that we can’t help but to only feel the coldness and loneliness. It is then that it seems winter will never end.

There is hope. If you are in a season of cold and bitterness, please know that there is hope.

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