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We are in a Blizzard. I love it!

This was taken from my front porch. Can't wait to venture out tomorrow to get more pics!

Last night, before Alan and I settled in all snug in our beds, we looked outside. It was sleeting. To our surprise though, this was no ordinary storm. Our first clue was the thunder and lightning. I cannot recall ever seeing lightning in a winter snow storm. When we looked outside we saw that it was pouring down ice. Yes that’s right. Ice, ice baby. (Sorry. I was a teen in the early 90’s. I can’t help myself.) It was like a summer downpour without the summer, and instead of rain it was pouring down ice (or sleet or whatever you want to call it.)

We are all enjoying our central heat. The kids are dying to go out, but the temperature and wind chill are making it extremely unlikely. I thought I would share 5 of my own “how to prepare for a blizzard” tips.

Number 5: This really should go without saying, but when the weather man is predicting 100% chance of snow 5 days before the storm go to the store immediately. Do not wait until the day before the storm. (Even if it is 73 degrees outside, like in our case.) The longer you put off waiting to go the less likely it will be that you find what you want and need. Never mind all the other crazy people at the store who also put it off.

Number 4: Go to the movie store and rent videos and games. This provides extra entertainment so that you don’t hurt one another after being inside for several days

Number 3: Don’t leave your snow shovel in a place far from the door. You may find it very inconvenient to get to if there is a foot of snow between you and it. After all, it’s suppose to help your dig your way out.

Number 2: Plan for your pets. It took me an hour to convince our greyhound that she could go outside to pee. She hates the cold. I had to trick her into thinking we were going for a walk. When I was finally able to get her out the door to relieve herself, she nearly dragged me through the snow to get back in.

Number 1: If you feel a constant breeze in your house, go to your son’s room to make sure he didn’t leave the window open. When I happened upon his room there was about a 1/4 inch of snow on the carpet.

There you have it. Obviously this is not an exhaustive list. Nor is it probably helpful, but how about you? What are some things that you do to prepare for a storm?


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