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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

This is my son’s idea of getting ready to run errands. Never mind the fact that it was only about 35 degrees outside. at least he had on snow boots. Shorts and snow boots with an awesome shirt. He looked really silly in the parking lot climbing the giant snow mounds. Boys are so different from girls.

The reason we were heading out was to run last-minute errands before another big snow storm that is moving in tonight. I think we should change the name of the month to Snowbruary. Barrowing from the snow storms on the east coast of last year, it has also been called snowmageddon and the snowpocalypse. . .  I’m regressing.

During last week’s storm many wonderful ladies from our church were sending out reminders on Facebook to drop off food to a local Rescue Mission in town. Being the slacker mom that I am, was not able to contribute. With the second round of winter approaching I was determined to give my share of food and other items to help others in need. It’s easy to get caught up in making sure your own family is prepared that you forget to care for those who can’t.

So out we ran on our last-minute preparations. We were also going to include a stop at the Library, which is a great idea if you are going to be stuck at home for a few days. Having fresh books to read is a great way to pass the day away.

When we stopped at the mission place, I was greeted by the staff who helped me unload the van. It was very touching. Not only were they extremely thankful for the donation of food, but they shared with me that it was an answer to prayer. They had no idea what they were going to be serving for lunch today. In fact, they were just discussing what they would be able to serve.  The timing was a God thing. I had dropped it off at just the right time for them to prepare the meal to serve to the community.

When I got back into the van I shared with the kids the cool news. My kids were part of being an answer to prayer. Our family has been in those situation many times. We have been the ones waiting to see what “the next meal” would be. Suddenly God would provide his answer and provision. Much like Abraham in Exodus 22, I can look back at those times in my life as if on a mountain top and shout out for all to hear “The Lord will provide.”

I could write all day about the times that we have personally seen the provision of God. However, because of time, I’ll share one.

When Alan was working on his master’s we were living in Memphis. One of my nieces had come to live with us for an undetermined amount of time. While she was staying with us, she and Alan had spent the day out on a lake with some friends. She had re-injured her back, and we ended up taking her to the hospital to find out what was going on. She, nor we, had any insurance. After a week in the hospital they released her.  There was a spot from a previous injury, but nothing major. About a week later we were given a car. (That’s not even the awesome thing I am building up to.) She went back to her mom a couple of weeks later. About that time, the medical bills began rolling in. Our church family in Memphis was amazing. Many of them helped us pay a lot of the bills down. There was about $500 that was not paid for. Then one day in the mail we received a check from a church family in Kentucky where we served while in college. God had impressed on them to send us some money. Out of obedience, they sent us the check. It was the exact time and amount that we had needed. We knew that by doing what we knew was right and being faithful in caring for my niece, God would do what was right in caring for our needs.

One of my favorite things, other than sharing my mountain experiences, is to hear other people share theirs. So how have you personally known God’s provision?


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