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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

This summer my family, including all  my siblings and their families, took a trip to Colorado to where we grew up to spend some time with my Nana. (Each other too,

This is a park near one of the houses we used to live in. My brothers would catch huge crawdads in it all the time.

but she had fallen earlier in the year, and we were all making the effort to come together. It’s hard to get 8 families, including my parents, altogether at the same time.) It was a lot of fun to see all the places that I had known as a young child. Some things had changed drastically (like the movie theater that we saw Return of the Jedi was gone), and other things about the town had hardly changed at all.


One of the last days there, we were sitting around, looking through old pictures that my Nana had. One of my favorite things about when we lived in Colorado was going to their house, especially at Christmas. My dad was a pastor of a small church with 9 mouths to feed. It was such a treat to visit them Christmas morning and spend it tearing open their gifts for us. One time I remember was when one of the brothers hung his nasty tube sock on the fire-place Christmas Eve. (We had never hung stockings before.) The next morning the rest of us siblings were so jealous because it was stuffed with tons of gum and candy.

My nana's old house. I could write a book on all the memories here.

While we were looking through pictures, my little sister shared with me about how she and my other sister had gone to Nana’s old house. It had a peach orchard (more memories), and they went to get some peaches from the new owners. As conversation was started, they shared how the home use to belong to our Nana. They were treated to a tour of the inside of the home. The woman, on another occasion, told them that she had found an old, time capsule in one of the cabinets that our Nana had made. It was an old, tin first aid kit that she had hidden in one of the cabinets.

This fall, we recently moved in to our new house. After thinking about this summer and all the memories that I was able to re-experience, I was feeling quite nostalgic about our own home. First, I wanted to give some thought and care to the home for the former owners. Not that I can keep any of their memories alive, but there is some respect in that this was their home. It’s not just a house.

In keeping those “memories” alive, what can my family do to make this our own home. One day we will move away, but I want my own kids to look back and remember all the memories that we have made together. Along with that, what do I have to offer our home.

I decided that we definitely need to make our own time capsule. I will be on the look out for that “perfect” box to hold our memories. I don’t remember my Nana’s capsule, but something deep within my memories remembers those old tin first aid kits that were probably common during the early 80’s. Inside will not be treasures as the “world” sees them, but things that a mother treasures like cute drawings, funny inventions, and rocks that the kids find.


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