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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

May seems to always be one of those months that pass faster than lightning. We always bring in and end the month of May with birthdays. Both the Oldest and the Baby were born during this month. It is the beginning and ending of my childbearing days.

I always ask the kids what kind of cake they want. The Oldest decided that she wanted a giant Cupcake Cake. You know, the ones on all those infomercials. We had to decide on cake filling. Although I love to cook and bake, I am no cake diva. I went online and found this great website with tons of cake fillings. After scouring the page she decided on Butter-cream frosting with an orange creme butter-cream filling. There is one word: YUMMMMM! (and it was so easy too.)

The same day the oldest had her party, Sweet T. had her graduation at school.

I know this may not be a great thing to say, but Kindergarten Graduation?!? Come on. What have they accomplished in Kindergarten? It is purely for the parents to “Oooh” and “Aaaww” over their precious children. I remember when the oldest completed Kindergarten; the school she attended didn’t have K-graduations, but they did for the 5th graders going into middle school. I think my parents think like I do. When we were leaving the graduation the Oldest looked over to me and said “that was so boring.” I then proceeded to tell her about my own Kindergarten graduation. Both my parents worked. The town we lived in was pretty small. No one came to my graduation, and to make matters worse I had to walk home, by myself. (How’s that for a sad story.) So I made sure to make Tori’s special. At least she won’t have a sad story to tell her children about her own Kindergarten graduation.

Yesterday we celebrated another milestone. My baby turned 5. (sniff sniff). She wanted fish and to go to Chuck E. Cheese. I have decided that Chuck E. Cheese is like a casino for children. You spend a lot of money and walk away with hardly anything. She had a great time (as well as all the kids.) Her fish have lasted more than a day, and she can’t torture them. She took Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes to school. Daphne (the dog) helped herself to one on the way to school. They are super easy to make and I think they kids enjoy the novelty of them. Check out this website for all the details.

And now that May is nearly over, I am getting ready for my annual trip to Ecuador. Please check out some previous posts I wrote about my trip last year.I think if I blink the summer will be over. I most certainly hope that will not be the case!


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