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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

Summer is officially here, and there is no doubt about it in Oklahoma. We just returned from our vacation to find that almost all our grass seed had died.

To kick off the summer I have tried these two products I saw advertised:

We spent a week with some close friends at the beach. I have nick-named myself the “Sun Block Nazi” (thank you Seinfeld), because I am almost ridiculous when it comes to sunblock application. My kids know the routine. In fact the first day their dad was more laxed in helping me encourage good coverage, and everyone ended up with a little sunburn. I didn’t hear anymore complaints after that.

Just to give an example of radical ways: we apply the block first thing in the morning. I make them wait a minimum of 30 minutes, and up to an hour before we go out to the beach (or pool). Then I spray or rub on or spray one more quick application to the areas that are prone to burn: shoulders, face, feet, etc.)

After playing in the water for about 90 minutes or when they dry off, we reapply. Now on the beach it is really hard to reapply lotion, that is unless you like to exfoliate all flesh. I was super thrilled when I saw an advertisement for the sunblock pictured on the left. The kids always have some moisture on their bodies, which makes good coverage even harder. However, I attribute the kids burn the first day to this bottle. The lotion worked great, but I didn’t like the way the spray came out of the bottle. It sprays almost straight out of the can making it difficult for complete coverage without rubbing it in. We purchased another brand that I like more simply because of the spray.  I did like the “wet skin application”, and the block itself worked great.

By the afternoon the kids are tired of my reapplication. I also have swim shirts that they wear whenever they tire of my preventative ways. **Reapply sunblock to all exposed skin.

We had a great, almost burn free week.






After we returned home I had to restock the pantry. Now that the kids are home all summer I was looking for interesting snacks. I came across this product:

Mischief Jello. There are three different varieties that you can purchase. The one pictured here is made with any flavor soda. You can also buy one to mix with any fruit juice. The third kind was a grape flavored jello that is red, so it looks like it should be cherry flavored. (I thought that was a little lame).

My son was ready to try it immediately. Fortunately for him, his dad is a big kid. (I love that about him.) He was equally excited about the jello. They used cream soda pop. After setting a few hours it was ready. Sure enough, it tasted like cream soda. (They followed the “more flavorful” directions).

With only 7 weeks of summer vacation left we will be filling our days with many great memories and activities, but nothing like what Phineas and Ferb plan.


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