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This idea is not original with me, but when I read about it, I thought it was a cute way to plan for some summer fun. I try to alternate our summer outings with days at home, because I am a home body, but I know if I don’t make the effort to enjoy the heat, we will probably waste the summer away. Doing nothing.

So what is a summer bucket list? It’s a bucket filled with summer outings, written on slips of paper. Every couple of days the kids will take turns drawing that day’s activity.

The first thing I did when planning our bucket list was to think of activities to do. I also asked the kids about things they wanted to do. The Boy mentioned bowling, and I already knew he wanted to go camping again. I listed things that would last a good portion of the day (like the zoo) with outings that were shorter (like a visit to the library.) I also thought of a couple of things that needed to be placed on a calendar because of prior planning that would be needed. (For example, we set a date for camping and a mystery day trip.)

Once the list was complete I wrote each idea onto a slip of card-stock (tied with a ribbon for cuteness). On the back of certain pieces I wrote the supplies I would need. For example, one day we will decorate plain white t-shirts. On the back I wrote: t-shirts, spray bottle, contact paper, clothing dye. When that item is picked I will know what we need in order to complete it. If you are feeling really prepared, you could gather all your supplies ahead. Unless you are a slacker mom.Then you will wait until the last-minute.

On the outside of the bucket I wrote a check box for the fun days that were planned onto the calendar. We will check them off as each task is completed. Not all of our summer fun is in the bucket list. For example, we have plans for July 4th, or there is always the summer sleepover to be had.

Finally we placed the bucket in a main part of the house to remind us everyday.

Here are some of the ideas that I included in my bucket list:

  • Geo caching
  • make ice cream
  • T-shirt decorating*
  • Scrapbooking summer memories
  • Children’s Flea Market*
  • Bake cookies to give away
  • Bowling
  • Movie Day
  • Library
  • Pool
  • Splash Pad
  • Make side-walk chalk
  • camping
  • make yard art
  • Wacky Water day (with wieners)
  • Mystery Road trip
  • zoo
  • Children’s Museum
  • Visit Lavender Farm

You get the idea. The activities marked with an (*) I got from my latest Family Fun Magazine. What fun are you planning for this summer. I would love to hear all about it.


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