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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

The summer days seem to pass so quickly. Knowing how fast it all seems to fade, today we took the kids on a Mystery Road Trip. It was not a mystery to us, but we kept the destination from the kids. All they were told was to wear good walking shoes.  They couldn’t stand the suspense. I did tell the boy that it was going to be a park, but not an amusement park. Instead it would be a natural one that God made.

It was only a little more than an hour from our house. We got an early start to try and beat the heat. We arrived around 9:30 am.

The Oldest and I, before we start hiking

We stopped MANY times for water

Along the rock walls are a lot of places to rock climb

You can see where wagon wheels dug in ruts along may of the surfaces during the gold rush out west

Daddy's the hero! He even carried the kids when they were tired and hot.

Our crew, plus a bonus Bandy

I was trying to tell him how to use the camera while climbing

The daring Sweet T.

The oldest and her friend climbed the wall, and then refused to come down

One more picture to show how high they climbed up without ropes

When we were leaving the park, just before 1:00 we saw the temperature at a bank. It was registering 108. We were glad we got that early start BEFORE the heat of the day. Everyone agreed that we need to go back and camp, but not during the summer. They had many camp areas, picnic tables, even cabins that could be rented. They also had a pool for campers to use. If you are ever heading west of OKC on I40 I would highly recommend the stop at Red Rock Canyon. It is about 5 miles south once you exit the interstate (at exit 101).


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