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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

Today has been a fun and busy Saturday. After going to a Photo class this morning I was ready to face the day with camera in hand. We went to a place I had been wanting to check out for some time. Our family is an “American Pickers” fan club. We went to this store:

I was slightly disappointed that the tag line to this store was missing from the sign. What was the tagline? “And Dead People’s Stuff”. I was pleased inside, however, as I found a few items with this tagline still on them.

I love dead people’s stuff, because of the beautiful quality that things were built with in a time long passed. It seems to be unmatched today.

I also love dead people’s stuff for the simplicity and beauty. Even piled to the side, it makes me all nostalgic inside.

I love the peeling paint in this shot for some reason.


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