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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

I am a little out of synch, but today is the beginning of getting back on. As I mentioned in “Day 6” I spent the weekend staying up late and driving 7th grade girls around town. While I was busy with that, Alan and I had a reversal of roles. He stayed with the other kids and worked around the house.

Today I am thankful for my husband.

Although I am super thankful for all he did this weekend, my gratitude goes ways beyond the things he did (and does).

Alan and I started dating when we were young, naive, and certain that we could take on the world. Both were as lost and pathetic as you can get. After a couple of years, we both had life changing (that kind that turns a world upside down) encounters with the Creator of all things. Alan was transformed from this pathetic, druggie, punk rocker to an amazing, compassionate, man of God.

I remember one occasion that someone asked me if I wanted to marry a preacher. (At the time, he was pastoring a great church while in school.) I think my response confused them. I never dreamed my life would be this. When I was young I was dumb. I didn’t know what I wanted, but I never could have hoped or dreamed of a better life.

Alan is an amazing father. He loves what the kids love. We go on family dates. Those are my favorite times, when we go and enjoy a day together. Some times it is a kid oriented day- like the zoo. Other times we go and do things that we enjoy. He always takes the time to talk with the kids and show them the things he loves. He brings them into his world. I don’t mean to portray him in some “prefect, faultless” way. (We all know there is no perfect person out there.) When it comes to the kids, he always makes it a priority to teach them of a father’s love.

More than that, he lives what he believes. I love to sit under his teaching and learn from his passionate heart. He embraces the mercy of God, and holds nothing back in teaching truth. Knowing him through all that we have been through, I know that what you see is what you get. He doesn’t feel the need for religious pretense. He is the real deal. I watch him struggle through the daily pressures, and when it seems like all is crashing in, his faith in the Savior is what drags him through to the other side.

I know that he has an undying love for me. Despite the fact that we often disagree, I never have to fear. It drives him absolutely crazy to think that there is any ill feelings between us. He is a romantic, and loves to show me how much he cares. Sometimes it is in words; other times it is what he does (or doesn’t do); and other times it is a way he looks at me. I know that his faithful love for me grows the closer he grows to God, and that is probably what I love most about him.

Today I’m thankful for my husband and best friend.

I always thank God for you, because of his grace given to you in Christ Jesus. 1 Corinthians 1:4
Photo taken by Tasha York Photography

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