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I can hardly believe that Christmas is coming so fast. Due to my lack of accurate blogging consistency, I have decided to not embarrass myself by saying that I would blog everyday until Christmas. (Clearly that didn’t work with my 30 Days of Thanks). I thought I would share 12 of my favorite traditions or things that I love about this season. Christmas to us is about celebrating the birth of Christ, but the season of Christmas is more. It’s about traditions, and baking, holiday shopping, and oh the decorating!

I thought I would share a new tradition that I started last year. Wreath Making

It began last year, as I was at the hardware store buying our real tree. Growing up, my family always had a real tree, and I just love that tradition. As I was waiting for them to trim the bottom and branches that would be in the way, I was glancing at the real wreaths that were stacked up near by. The lady that was helping asked if I wanted the branches to make my own wreath, so I took her up on it. Of course I had only made one wreath before, but it is such an easy craft to do.

First thing you need to do is gather your supplies. You need ever green branches. I love the look of mixing different kinds, although for my wreath I only have the one kind. You also need floral wire and a tool to trim the branches as you work. I used this heavy duty cutter to also cut my floral wire.

Gather a small bunch of branches to start, I used about 4, and wrap the floral wire several times around the branches. Pull the wire tight to hold it together while wrapping.

Gather a few more branches for the next layer. You may find it necessary to trim them as you use them. They don’t need to be real long. Also, depending on the size of the wreath that you want, use more or less in each section or layer. As you gather your next bunch, lay them on the previous bunch, but slightly lower. Wrap more floral wire to secure them. I never cut the floral wire, until the end.

As you add each section, shape your wreath to the size and shape you need. Remember that the loose branches that you added will connect to the wreath to form the circle. Careful attention to the size in shape is very important. I got a little carried away as I was making mine, and ended up with a much larger wreath than I intended.

The probably hardest part is tying the wreath together into a circle. It’s not that difficult, however. Once you are ready, grab the “loose” branch tops that you started with. Holding on to the branch bottom of the last layer you added, grab a few of the “loose” branches towards the bottom (but not all of them) and tie one final wrap around with the floral wire. The reason you don’t tie all of them together is to hide where you attached the two ends together. GIve your wreath one final shaping, and then hang it.

This is my wreath. Like I said, I got a little carried away. Once I hung it on the door, I used my trimming tool and cut the straggling branches. (It was too big for my door, so I ended up hanging it on the outside of the glass door).

Once it is trimmed and hung, the last step is to add your Christmas bling. I like real simple decorations, but add all the ornaments, bows and glitter that your heart desires.

I had a lot of small branches from when I trimmed it to fit the door. I decided to make a smaller wreath for my chandelier in the kitchen. This was a little trickier to tie together, because I had to wrap the ends together while it was on the chandelier. I was very pleased with the result.

I would love to hear from you about your wreaths. Do you have a better way to make one? Post a picture or a link. I hope you enjoy this new tradition of mine.


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