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*2014 Update* Last night was our annual Christmas party. This year the theme was Joy to the World, so I made the trees with scrapbook paper.

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I was needing an inexpensive decoration for several tables to decorate for the Christmas Party. We had 34 people, almost half of whom were children, so I wanted something that wasn’t breakable, yet very festive. Fortunately for me, the Family Fun magazine arrived just in time for my last-minute ideas. I adopted an idea seen here, not the a-bottle-able snowmen, but the paper cone trees sitting next to them. It seemed like it would be easy enough, but to add a little pizzazz I decided to use left over wrapping paper from last year. Because wrapping paper is so flimsy, I also applied two layers of mod podge to make them a little more durable for my children to handle. It’s a good thing too, because they have been handled a lot.

All you need to do is form a cone using the wrapping paper. Secure with tape or glue. It doesn’t take much. In fact, I used regular stick glue on the outside edges after they were rolled. Once you have a cone shape, trim the bottom so the tree stands flat. None of mine were exact, but I think it added a little cuteness, because none of them were the same. Once you have your “forest” of trees made, apply mod podge using a sponge brush. Allow time to dry before reapplying. I tried adding it to the inside and out of some trees, but it didn’t make much of a difference, so you may find it easier to apply to the outside only. I took me about three hours to make 48 trees, and that is allowing time between coats of mod podge.

Super easy, and so cute.

I plan on using them to decorate a wall ledge I have, but they can also be used on a mantle, counter top, or any flat surface.


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