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I love


love Christmas music.

I could play it all year-long, but to spare Alan, I limit myself to listen to it only during the month of December. I don’t really have one favorite, but it’s more like I have 10 many number one favorites. Instead of making a top 10 list of my favorite songs, I thought I would share with you ten of my favorites, from cool classics, more traditional hymns, to modern takes of old faces. So. . . without further ado. . .and in no particular order. . .

  • The First Noel“, David Crowder* Band Oh for Joy. This is my first choice for a couple of reasons. This is the last album of the David Crowder* Band, which is bitter-sweet. I also love this version of the classic hymn. It captures the worshipful experience that the birth of Christ really is.
  • “O Holy Night”, Rebecca St. James Christmas. It is one of those songs that should be on every list of favorite Christmas songs, but I particularly enjoy this version for its electric pop sound. To me, I enjoy the upbeat version, that tends to lead into a celebration of the birth of Jesus, and stirs away for the lullaby sound.
  • “Christmas Time is Here” Vince Guaraldi Trio A Charlie Brown Christmas. What is more classic than Charlie Brown’s Christmas?!
  • “Sleigh Ride” Amy Grant A Christmas Album. Okay this one is tough, because it is really this entire album that speaks Christmas to me. This is my go-to album when I want to be in the Christmas spirit. It’s the album I sing and play when I am decorating the Christmas tree. I. LOVE. IT. {I think it was the first Christmas tape (yes, I said tape) that we ever owned.}
  • “Hallelujah (Light has Come)” Barlow Girl Home for Christmas. This song came out a few years ago, and went immediately to the top of my list. It is full of power in singing about who Christ is. The light of the world.
  • Silent Night” Taylor Swift The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection. This is partly for the Oldest, who is an avid Swifty. However, I really do like her version of a very familiar Christmas Carol. It breathes fresh life into an ageless classic.
  • “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” Casting Crowns Peace on Earth. If you have not heard this version, I strongly recommend checking it out. Love Casting Crowns; love this song and the message of peace found in Christ.
  • “Put One Foot in Front of the Other” Mickey Rooney, Keenan Wynn Rankin/Bass Christmas Classics. This may seem like an odd choice. This is, after all the album, that all the Rankin/Bass holiday classics come from. (i.e. Rudolf, Frosty, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, etc.) This song is special to me, because when Sweet T. was one year old, she was just on the verge of walking. We would sing this song with her to help get her to walk. It’s sentimental to me, other wise I would probably have chosen a more well-known song from that album.
  • Have Yourself a Very Merry Christmas” Lou Rawls We Wish You a Merry Christmas: Various Artists. Another classic. I love Rawls jazzy voice
  • and finally. . . this is tough, because there are so many favorites. . . “Pennies From Heaven” Louis Prima Elf (Music from the Motion Picture. Okay, let me say that I realize this is not even a Christmas song, but I love the movie and this song is the one I think of when I think about that crazy movie.

There are so many that didn’t make this list, so what about you? What are some of your favorites that didn’t make my list? Please leave a comment below.


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