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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

You may be thinking, “What do birthdays have any thing to do with Christmas?” In our family, as if December wasn’t busy enough, we also celebrate two birthdays. Alan and the Boy’s. There must be something to do with being a boy from his family line, because his dad also has a December birthday.

Frankly, IT STINKS!

I try to always do special things for them, but it is what it is.

I have some ground rules that I made to make sure to guard their special days and keep them separate from Christmas.

1. NEVER wrap a present with Christmas paper.

2. Never make a cake or decorations with Christmas themes.

3. Never buy one big gift that is both for their birthday and Christmas.

4. Go out of my way to do something special to remember their big day. Either have a party, eat at their favorite restaurant, or do something extra fun all in the name of their birthday.

5. Remember to sing “Happy Birthday” more frequently than Christmas carols, at least for that big day (despite their begging and pleading that I stop singing to them).

To commemorate Alan’s birthday this year, I made cake pops. Birthday Cake- cake pops.

Our family is a big fan of cake pops, and they were pretty easy to make, just be sure to set a couple of hours aside for the finished product. The basic steps are bake a cake, crumble it up and mix with icing, form into ball and freeze for 30 minutes, add sticks and freeze an hour, dip in chocolate, enjoy.

For more exact directions or more creative flavors click here.

I used a clean veggie can to prop these babies up, but I thought I would buy a square foam piece from the floral department and wrap it like a present. Then I would stick the cake pops in the foam to make them stand. For a Christmas display, buy a tree shape and do the same.


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