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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

Here it is the eve of the children’s Christmas parties, so I am preparing the gifts for the teachers. It can be a difficult task, because you want to give something to each teacher that is thoughtful and meaningful to them, but at the same time you don’t want to break the bank, especially if you have, like me, multiple teachers to buy for.

This year, I decided to give a more meaningful gift that can really make a difference, and I hope it honors the teachers that invest so much into my 3 girls. This year we decided instead of running around town to find 10 perfect gifts, that we would give the gift of education to 3 children who wouldn’t otherwise receive such a gift. It would be given in honor of the teachers that my children learn under on a daily basis. Let’s be honest, do the teachers really need any more scarves, coffee mugs, chocolate, or gift cards?

We are giving this gift of education through a wonderful organization called World Vision. What I love about the World Vision Gift Catalogue is that you can find a variety of items that meet real tangible needs. The cost ranges greatly, but the reward goes far deeper than we could ever imagine. You can give gifts ranging anywhere from education, to farm animals, clean water, food, seeds to grow food, fruit trees, to mosquito nets, or even loans for widows to start a business. Each gift will make a difference. If you’re interested in knowing more click here to see the catalogue for yourself.


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