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IMG_7060I cannot believe Groundhog day has come and gone, and Valentines day is just around the corner. Someone make this year slow down!

Normally I could careless about Valentines day, except for the family. I like to make it a little special by buying cute little unexpected gifts. Nothing extravagant.

Recently I read an idea in a mag about having a valentine war all week with the family. Writing and leaving love notes or notes of encouragement all over the house and in unexpected places. To go along with this idea, I decided to whip out and dust off the sewing machine and FINALLY make the back of the chair valentine holders I thought of a couple of years ago.

You can make a simple bag and then decorate with crafts, glue, and glitter. I choose to decorate each bag with a simple appliqué. More on that in a bit.

What you need:

2 pieces of felt


scrap fabric or other craft supplies to decorate

velcro (optional)

1. Decide how to decorate your Valentine Holder. If choosing to appliqué, cut out shapes from scrap fabric.


2. Pin applique in place on front of first piece. I don’t use a lot of pins, just enough to hold it in place as you sew. I also like using a contrasting thread color. This was the most complicated of the appliqués because I layered the breast part of the bird. I cut the whole bird out and sewed it on (first image below), then I cut a small piece of the breast to lay on top. You can find all kind of templates on the internet. Here is one I used, but I used it as a guide to draw my own larger one.


3. Flip the felt over and attach ribbon that will be used to hang the bag. For my chairs, they are about an inch from the edges and an inch down. I sewed a square shape to hold the ribbon well. You could also cover the front part with a cute button if you want. The ribbon is about 4 or so inches. Attach ribbon to the inside of the back piece of felt also. (a total of four pieces of 4 inch ribbon.)


4. Sew the two pieces of felt together, right sides facing out with a decorative stitch.


5. Almost done.  To make it easy  to remove the bags, I attached self-stick velcro to the ribbon ends. You could also just tie the ribbons together. Be sure to make them a little longer if you go that route. Also melt the ends of the ribbon to keep them from fraying.


All finished.  Here are a few of the other bags I made. I plan on filling my hutch in the background with blank valentine stationery the second week of February to make it easy for the kids to make their valentines for each other.


I made the blue bags from blue fleece for the guys, since pink and red just isn’t their thing. It worked okay, but the felt is a little stiffer and easier to work with.


I have several more things to add to our decorations. One of the other ideas I got was from this blog. I think the wall turned out cute.



While I was taking pictures, The Oldest decided to photo bomb my blog.




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