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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

To finish up my Valentine decorations I finished up some cute, cute, cute garlands. Three to be exact. Here is the link to the heart-shaped paper garland. Super easy. The girls even helped me curl the hearts, and I hot glued them together for more stability.



The little yarn puffs garland is super easy too.

1. Wrap yarn around the width of your hand about 20 (or so) times. Remove by sliding off your hand without unwinding the yarn

2. Cut a small piece of yarn (about the size of your hand) and wrap across the middle of the “yarn ball”. Tie tightly, pulling it close in the middle.

3. With scissors, cut the loop ends on both sides, leaving many strings. To make it more poofy, roll the ball in your hands.

4. String the balls onto yarn or ribbon.


The last garland is a pennant flag made from scrapbooking paper.

I have a few more things to make, but we shall see. Next week I’ll post some of the fun secret Valentine messages I left for the family.



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