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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

I had this “wonderful” idea for our family. It was a way for us to be active and healthy. Watch less tv. Spend time together.

We are preparing to run in a couple of months as a family in a 5K.The best way to bribe my children to run for fun was to sign us up for Color Me Rad. If you are unfamiliar with this 5K, imagine rainbows of color bombs exploding all over the runners as they race through the course.


So, we are pretty much not in shape. Well, I take that back. Round is a shape, therefore our shape is more of the round kind. In other words, for us to run the measly 3.1 miles, we are going to be spending the next two months building up stamina. In middle school I was in cross-country and we ran a mile everyday. I hated it. However, it was good to do and I’m sure very beneficial. I’ve done a little research on some strategies for training.

Today was the first day that we ran together as a family. The plan was to run for 5 minutes, walk one, and repeat a total of 5 times. Not surprisingly our 13-year-old daughter literally ran circles around us. I’m sure it was a bit comical to see us out there. We didn’t make the 3.1 miles, by the way, in case you were wondering. I did make the most of the moment and have come up with some observations.

  1. No matter how much you tell your children to prepare them for the difficulty, they will still complain to you and at the same time out run you.
  2. Your 6-year-old child will probably cry and whine the whole time, but if there is a park near by, she will suddenly not be feeling so terrible after all.
  3. Your mathematical son may decide it’s more fun to practice his drum beats with his feet instead of running. Right, left, right-right, left. Left, right, left-left, right. Repeat four times, then rest for four beats.
  4. Your 8-year-old daughter may want to talk the entire way that you are running and never seem out of breathe.
  5. If you are running in Oklahoma, no matter which direction you are running, it will seem like the wind is blowing against you
  6. If you have a baby with you, this means that the wind is blowing nonstop on said child
  7. No matter what, your children will be a reminder that you are not as young as you think you are
  8. When you tell your 6-year-old that she can’t come the next time because she cried almost the whole time, she may insist on coming, but ride her bike instead of run
  9. After running as a family, your kids will want to stop at Sonic on the way home, undoing any health benefits they have received from exercising
  10. You’ll be so glad that you decided to set out on this adventure together, because from only one day of running, you already have some great memories.

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