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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

In the middle of all the fun activities of this weekend, our family was caught in grieving the loss of our sweet Greyhound, Daphne. She was only 5 years old.



Two weeks ago we found out that she had a tumor on her spine. Never could we have imagined the speed that the tumor progressed. It grew from hardly anything to four inches. She lost 10 pounds in two short weeks. Last Monday I realized that the time was coming near when she couldn’t run, she no longer got our shoes and carried them around the house, and she stopped following me upstairs to tuck the girls in bed. The tell-tale sign was when she could no longer jump into the van to take the girls to school.

I know that as time passes, I will forget the little things that constantly remind me of her now, like:

  • keeping the kitchen blinds closed because she would bark at the squirrels
  • being greeted every time I came home
  • how clean she kept the floors (the kids nick named her vacuum)
  • on cold rainy days, like today, she would stay inside as long as possible
  • having to secure the trash can from food
  • losing shoes because she took them
  • picking up the kids favorite stuffed animals that she took from their beds
  • calling the kids for dinner, and she would be the first one “at the table”
  • no longer having my shadow and friend

Sweet Daphne. You will be missed.


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