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I love the vintage look of chalkboard sayings. I also love the industrial look of metal stamped tags. Put them together and you have a super cute bookmark. I think this would be a great teacher gift for Valentines day (coming in just a couple of weeks) or for that bookworm friend that refuses to use an electronic book, like my oldest child. She loves to read but refuses to use a device. She loves to turn pages and grasp the book in her hands. I think she may even throw it across the room if she doesn’t like the ending.

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So I assumed that in order to make those way cute chalkboard quotes you had to have Photoshop. I was pleasantly surprised to come across this blog post on Craftberry Bush. No reason for me to rehash what she already wrote. The instructions are pretty simple. Once you have your quote the way you like it, save the image on your computer. Once I made my quote the way I liked it, I opened a Word document, added the image  from my picture library, and then resized it to make three bookmarks on a landscape layout. You could also resize it to print and frame, or send off to print as a photo.

That was step one. My first time to make a chalkboard quote took about an hour to make, but I am certain to make more and now that I have a hang of it, will be much faster.

Then for my bookmark, I wanted something real cute to hang instead of a tassel. I had bought some metal letter stamps a while back but never used them. Again I had a great tutorial that I found at Happy Hour Projects. She gives some good tips about stamping on metal too, so check out her blog. I didn’t use the brand of stamps she did, but that shouldn’t make to much of a difference. For the metal tag I used cola cans, the stamps, a hard surface (a brick), black permanent marker, and spray paint for the back of the tag. (I like the metal paint contrast better than black.) Also, when I cut the tags out, the edges were a little rough and sharp. To smooth them out, simply hammer around the edges on your hard surface.

Then to put the two projects together, I used bakers twine. Any ribbon or string will work. A hand held hole-punch worked for both the tag and the bookmark.

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