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It is January 30. Not only is Valentine’s Day just around the corner, but I was (until today) one post away from my Nifty 50 goal this month.

I love holiday time. The kids love it too. My little girls are crazy about Valentine’s Day. As I was pulling out my items I made from last year, I realized that the attic is not good to crafts made from paper.  Here are a few things I made last year…

This fall I made a banner for the porch. Although the weather is not any where near as lovely, wait a week and it will be. (That’s how we roll in OK.)

You can make this banner with paper and glue as well, but since it was going outside, I thought fabric would be better. Also the one I made this fall I cut the burlap pieces out. This is no easy feat, because burlap has all those strings. However now you can buy neat burlap ribbon with many different designs on it.

To make a banner you need: burlap ribbon, scrap fabric, ribbon, and a sewing machine or hot glue.

Step one, determine the size banner you need. The burlap ribbon i used is 5 inches wide, with about two inches between each piece plus 4 inches on the end… or you could just cut several pieces, which is what I actually did. 9 to be exact.


Now, to make them look less rectangular, and more banner like, you will fold each rectangle lengthwise.


Hold the fold, and with scissors about an inch from the bottom, cut at an angle towards the bottom of rectangle.

IMG_0549With the scrap fabric, cut out various shapes to be sewn (or glued) onto the burlap. I went with hearts and XO. You could do anything (arrows, pumpkins, Christmas trees, anything).


Sew around the fronts of each shape, securing them into place. I used a contrasting grey thread and various decorative stitches, none of which is really seen, unless you look closely.


Once all the pieces are set, cut your ribbon to the length you need to hang. Be sure to leave room on the ends to tie. Determine the center of you ribbon. It is much easier to work from the center out. Because I had an odd number, I sewed the 5th piece to the middle of the ribbon.


After the 5th was set, I moved to the 4th and 3rd piece. I placed them about two inches apart from the one prior, any width is fine. I went old school and used my thumb for measuring. It was handy. (Pun intended)



See all that extra ribbon to the left of the “O”. This is why you start in the middle and work your way out. After I sewed on the 4th and 3rd, I added the 2nd and 1st, and then moved to the other side of the 5th piece and sewed on the remaining pieces.

IMG_0563Almost done! To finish the look, sew on some ribbon or trim on top.


Here is what ribbon would look like. I didn’t have enough, so I used pom-pom trim that I had on hand. I love pom-poms.


You can sew the trim just on top of each burlap, across all the burlap (which is what I did) or the entire length of the ribbon. It’s all about your preference.



I couldn’t get a good picture of the whole thing. (slacker) Plus it was cold. Using some of these same fabrics, I am going to make a pillow for my porch as well.

Happy sewing! or glueing.

Nifty 50


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