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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

The other day I was cleaning up a mess that our little toddler had made in my sewing area. He likes to pull out all the thread spools, ribbons, button, and this particular time he even dumped a bunch of straight pins on the floor, but isn’t he cute?!

IMG_3777 IMG_3780

While I was cleaning up the mess, I had the idea of scraping this blog so that I could have another one named “Pins and Needles” since all my posts lately have been about stuff that I’ve made. Which then made me think of the idiom “on pins and needles”. You see, the last several weeks our oldest son has been studying literary terms. I don’t normally think about idioms for no reason.


As I let that thought set in for a second, it came to me. I have lost my blogging focus.


This started as a way to write about life, according to our perspective. Life lesson, cute things the kids did, happenings round the home life. Instead, I became obsessed with having a crafting blog. (what was I thinking?! I am no Martha Stewart!!!) I think where I went wrong was in my new goal I made (about Nifty 50- making 50 things this year.) Never mind the fact that I haven’t posted much of anything. Then I had another a-ha moment. I haven’t been blogging because our oldest daughter had surgery. which would have been really good “according to us” material.


Anyway, I have decided, from this day forward to no longer post How-to’s. (with the exception of some I already wrote that are waiting for some final pictures), but I will post things I have made for the Nifty 50 (to stick with my goal). There just won’t be explanations of how I made them.

For us, I love to set things out this time of year to remind us of the Resurrection and the promise of life. I have been slowly adding little decorations. They have a vintage feel, lots of scraps of paper and mixed fabrics. I am in love with yellow and coral.

IMG_3748 IMG_3804

For the buffet in our dining area, I like to make a little banner for the mirror. This scalloped banner was super easy. I hot glues the trimmings to the half circle and then sewed it all together to ribbon. I also planted wheat seed about two weeks ago so that it would be nice and tall for Holy Week. It’s a great reminder about life. As you will see in the close-ups, washi tape on baby food jars make an easy spring display.

For my front entry table, I made a wreath out of an old book I got for a dollar and scrap-book paper. I also made a Resurrection Garden and a vase of origami flowers. They are harder to kill. Over the kitchen entry I made an easy banner with the name of Jesus. (The backing paper is an old Bible that was torn up. That may seem sacrilegious to some to use for crafts, but I find it symbolic.)

IMG_3762 IMG_3786 IMG_3810 IMG_3819 IMG_3788 IMG_3788

Then outside, I made a few things for the front porch. An easy scrap fabric banner, a ruffled fabric wreath and a quilted pillow. As you can see I have been quite busy. I think this catches me up for the year with my Nifty Fifty for March and April. Coming soon will be a Teen Room Reveal, and then I should be back on track to share my life and all its craziness.

Nifty 50


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