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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

I am the mother to a high schooler! I realize it is a little late in the school year, but I cannot fathom how quickly time has passed. She is already 15. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {Sorry about that} Wanna know the really fun thing about teenagers? They are no longer tween-agers. Not even a year ago she was ready to paint all her walls purple, plastered in posters, and knew more about life than I ever could. I am just crazy about her, and regardless of all the times I “was ruining her life”, she has blossomed into a marvelous young lady. She recently proved herself to be strong and brave when she underwent surgery to correct scoliosis. I realized that I wanted to do something really special for her (room remodel)  that this is probably the last time that we will be “designing” her room. Kids grow up so fast. so. so. fast. Soon to follow will be a few posts about my DIY projects. Here are some pictures of the room redo. IMG_4697 With it being her room remodel (and not mine) I let her have full say in what she wanted from paint colors, bedding, and accessories. I added a little flair here and there. To begin with, we ripped all the 1980’s wall paper that was on this West wall. That was a fun friday night project. , it was only one wall that had paper that was probably hung when this house was built. She wanted all white walls, but I encouraged her to add a little more, and she choose really, really, really light grey. (The ceiling and “short” wall are white and the other walls are grey.) IMG_4699Floating shelves are great for the bedside accessories. She insisted that she didn’t need a lamp. In one of the DIY posts I will show more close-ups of the plugs and light-switches that I covered in decorative wash tape. IMG_4702 Instead of a traditional headboard, we went with these modern paper tiles. They can be painted any color (she choose white) and come in many styles. They were very easy to install. You can look here or here for your own. I spray painted them in gloss and used a double-sided tape to apply them to the walls. IMG_4730 IMG_4703


She wanted lots of places to hang pictures of her friends or Bible verses she was memorizing. You’ll see magnetic and cork places, including these 6 metal scalloped pieces. Also her best friend gave her this poster. Young girls need to be reminded how perfect they are in every way, and I love this. It fits her to a T. IMG_4710I let her pick the colors for the walls, but while I was painting, I thought it needed more. So BOOM, I gave her a bright yellow accent wall. The dresser I picked up for $10 in a tag sale and gave it a fresh coat of paint. The Subway art and cork board was kind of her inspiration pieces, and spider man is a splash of her personality. IMG_4711Every girl needs a vanity area. This desk was just some free thing that we have had, but I painted it white. The mirror was on discount and I spray painted it blue. In another tutorial I’ll share how I recovered the ottomans. IMG_4712This mini-wall is perfect as part of her space. The top half of the chalkboard also has magnetic paint underneath it. (the round circle things under “Queen Alex” are actually magnets). IMG_4723 IMG_4746 Another post to follow will be how I made this curtain for her window. She rarely has it pulled up since she likes to keep her room dark and cool. Especially this summer. IMG_4741One of the last things that she made sure she had been a full length mirror of her very own. It was fun to pick out designs with her and talk about what works and what doesn’t. SHe was always sure to tell me if she didn’t like something and I complimented the design ideas that she had. Three more years of High School will pass by without any stopping. I’m glad we shared this together and she will get to enjoy her space with her friends.


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