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Do you remember Martha Stewart in the earlier days? One of my favorites was her “It’s a Good Thing.” They were easy little decorating ideas that were simple and usually inexpensive.

As part of my Teen Room Re-do, I was needing new light and plug covers.


Washi Tape to the rescue!




It was so easy. Simply wrap the plugs with tape. I matched up patterns when needed to give a more uniform look, and then hung back on the wall.

The day I was taping them, I had taken the covers and tape to an event my son was involved in for school. While I was sitting and waiting, I kept busy wrapping in tape. Another father was watching me, and asked about it. The plain inexpensive plugs are the best, and you can change any plug or switch to match any decor that you can buy tape for.

IMG_4699Here is a sample of my washi tape collection. Duct tape would also work, but is much more sticky. {a-hem I have even more than what is pictured below}


Nifty 50


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