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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

There is nothing more humbling than when you tell your child something and they correct you later.

Our youngest daughter was asking about seasons and was somewhat confused. About two weeks ago we were having VERY warm weather for fall, and then now this….

November 16, 2014

Of course it will all be melted before to long.

I realized something as I was admiring all the pictures up on social media of kids playing in the snow. I don’t care much for getting all bundled up to go take pictures of them anymore.

Let’s be honest. When your kids are getting ready to play in the snow it takes a LOT of work. First they have to put on layers of clothes. A whole week’s worth of clothes just for one outing. Why do we do this? So that they spend more than 2 minutes outside. Once all the layers are on, you dig out all the gloves and hats and scarves. Then squeeze their little hands through the arms of jackets, zip them up, and send them off. In order for you to get a picture of them before they change their mind about playing outside, you decide to skip all your layers that will actually keep you warm.

Now when my kids were little they would actually play outside for a good bit of time. Of course, back then, I HAD to go out and supervise all their fun. But now that they can play without being watched, I rarely go out to take pictures. I am only remembering this, because of the large age span of our kids. The youngest of the school-aged kids has consistently been outside the most and longest. It’s like she can’t feel the cold until she comes in, skin bright pink and burning.

And then we have the little toddler…


He loved to watch the snow as it fell. What I am noticing about this phase of his life is the vocabulary that he is adding as he experiences new things. Last month he learned the words “pumpkin” and “spider”. Who would have thought that he would add the word “snow” in the middle of November.

He went out, just steps from the back door. I didn’t bother with the layers. I knew as soon as he touched the cold snow it would all be over.

IMG_6286 IMG_6288 IMG_6296

It was quite the struggle just to get him dressed in regular clothes. Then you add a jacket, socks, shoes. And finally after MUCH effort I was able to convince him to wear his hat.

He affectionately calls it “Whoo Whoo”.

The first time I pulled it out last week, he immediately recognized it. He took one look at the hat and yelled, “NO!!! No whoo whoo!!!”

It’s always the cute things that they despise the most.

And so this is our day. Hot chocolate, movies, snuggles, and no school. If this weather is any indication (as well as the MASSIVE amounts of acorns from our oak tree) about what kind of winter we will be having this year, it looks like we will have a very short summer because of all the snow days that they will have to make up.

Surprisingly, Anchor (our newly adopted Greyhound) LOVES the snow. He is just like the kids, minus the layers of clothes.


He looks like a reindeer, frolicking around in the snow, ready to leap into the air.

IMG_6245 IMG_6247 IMG_6250 IMG_6261


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