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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

We just got back from our holiday travels. I realized about 10 days before Christmas that there was no way that we would get Christmas cards out this year, and resolved myself to let it go. This morning I realized that it’s already January 2, 2015. For all you Generation X-ers, it’s the year of Back to the Future 2. I like to look back over the year, see how much we’ve changed and accomplished. Here is to having a happy new year to you and yours.



Alan returned to the Amazon region of Peru with a small team of students. They were gone almost half the month of January. The kids returned to their school routine, and I began my resolution of making 50 things for the blog (only later to realize how this wasn’t a good goal for me. I probably did make 50 things over the year, but most I didn’t bother blogging about, and about mid year stopped making the Nifty Fifty posts.)


This month was super busy for us. Alan took all the girls to see Beauty and the Beast Musical, Josiah’s robotics team competed for Nationals (it had been snowed out in December) and our oldest daughter had corrective surgery for Scoliosis.  She spent a week in the hospital, and then 6+ weeks recovering. Before her surgery, we finished with her bedroom redo, which was a fun project.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 11.57.48 AM


Spring Break always comes for us during the month of March. Alan took a team of students with him to Turkey for a class. Because Alex was still recovering from surgery, I stayed home with the kids. We weren’t able to do very many things, because she was still in a lot of pain, but we did manage to squeeze in a couple of day trips out.

Painting of Paul from a cave church above Ephesus Cappadocia, Turkey Feeding zoo


This month is full of great weather. Kiki had a musical at school, Josiah had a science fair, and Tori’s class celebrated the Land Run at school. Alex was slowly getting stronger and started back at school. Easter is always busy for us, but especially with things at our church.  Overall, it’s one of those months that easily slips by.



This month is full of birthdays, end of school events and awards, a wedding, and we left for our summer holiday trip. The calendar was full almost everyday with events and appointments. Best of all is the beginning of summer break.

Birthday Party


We spent half the month in the east coast with my parents. After returning, the older two left for a week of camp. Vacation Bible School plans began to be finalized for church, so it was nice to have only half of the house of family.

Washington Monument

In Gettysburg Baltimore Harbor


Because of my job at the church, VBS pretty much takes over my summer. Alan spends much of his summer writing. We keep the kids busy with activities. Usually OK is extremely hot and miserable, however this summer we had an unusual amount of rain, and July felt almost cool. Since Alex had her surgery, Alan planned a trip for the two of us to spend a week in Turkey with some friends who lived there. It was a birthday/anniversary (for the next several years) gift for me. BEST GIFT EVER!!

Pergamum, Turkey


This month for us means the return to school for everyone but the baby and I. It means routine, and with it, less family time. The kids were all excited to return to school. Alex was finally fully recovered from her surgery. This would be a great place to post back to school pictures, but I don’t have any. (Slacker mom!!) Kiki did loose her front teeth, and I managed to get a couple of pictures. (Sorry it’s blurry, I was playing with the light.) Alan also baptized Josiah and Tori.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 12.54.13 PM



Appointments, practices, routine, busyness -this is what September means to us. This photo was taken while waiting at ballet for one of the girls.

Boys: noise with dirt


As the year begins to close, this month seems to be a continuation of September. Cooler weather, fall colors, cool breezes. It’s my favorite season. Alex had her competition for Drama club, Fall break, and Halloween. We officially adopted another Greyhound, and the girls had a fall concert at school.



Thanksgiving, DNow, Conferences. Overall, this was a slower month. I was making crafts for the fall, the kids were getting ready mentally for Christmas break. Of course having a snow storm in the middle of November helped that even more.

Family Pic 2014


As the year came to a close, I decided to end on the positive with the blog. I posted everyday for the Jesse Tree until we left for holiday. The month was full of merriment and ended on a positive note. My parents 50th anniversary was celebrated by all 7 siblings and families. This was the 1st Christmas we had all been together for over 25 years, and the last one was spent at the hospital when my brother and BIL were in ICU after a car accident. It was a true joy and delight to spend the time together. We closed out 2014 by returning home and beginning 2015 with great excitement. You never know what tomorrow brings, so don’t waste a day. Tell those who matter most how much you love and appreciate them, work hard, and make memories.  (And use a camera to help you remember)

My Parents' Anniversary


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