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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

Did you know that Olive trees are some of the longest living trees? There have been Olive Groves that date to over 4,000 years old. (source) When we were visiting Turkey this past summer, there were groves of olive trees everywhere (being in the Mediterranean region, this was no surprise). The day that we visited Ephesus, our guide was pointed out the tree pictured below to me. It sits at the entrance to the stadium that Paul was mostly likely taken to in Acts 19 during a riot. I wish now that I could remember who old he told me the tree was (it was in the hundreds). He explained to me that they are resurrection trees. The trees die- the bark and branches, but the roots continue to grow and live. In a sense, they can come back to life from the dead. Knowing how long they live and survive makes the following verse all that more meaningful.


Olive Tree, from Ephesus: Turkey


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