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According to Us

One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

A little about me: I am the six of seven children. I married my high school sweetheart. He now teaches New Testament in a university but has served in ministry the first 11 years of our marriage. We have five terrific children, three girls and two boys. I home school the oldest boy. Our younger two, who are 20 months apart, seem to tag team against every good effort I put out. I love to experiment with my camera, but am by no means a photographer. I love to watch people, enjoy many cultures, and absolutely love to laugh. Above all things, I live to glorify Christ who has given me the life purpose of glorifying His name. Life is never simple, but it the complexities of people that I find the most intriguing. What can I say? This is me.

So why blog?

While sitting in a dentist office, trying to focus on anything but my “baby” rolling on the floor of the waiting room, I came across an article in a magazine about starting a family blog. Surely, with the size family we have, someone here will have something interesting to say…

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