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According to Us

One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

Kids are cute. They can’t help it. Here are some of the things mine have said that I don’t want to forget:

Me: Sweet T., why are you so cute

Sweet T age 4: Because I’m little

The Baby age 4: Momma, do I have an amazing tongue?

The Baby age 4: This kool-aide tastes like candy!

The Boy age 8: I don’t like studying about other gods (Greek mythology). There is only one true God.

Alan was gone to a conference. The baby age 4 asked me (after several days of him gone) where daddy was. I responded, “In Georgia.” She thought about it for a minute and then said, “Is Georgia your friend?!”

Sweet T age 6 at the end of watching Tangled, “I didn’t like the ending. Her hair was short and brown instead of long and blond.”

As Alan was leaving for work, the Baby(age 4) said, “I was going to wear that today.” (Alan’s clothes). He replied, “you can wear it tomorrow.” She then said to me, “Daddy is so silly.”

The Oldest (age 11) was telling me about an email she sent to a friend, and at the end she said “See you later.” I asked if she wrote it like “L8R” and she said, “No, I wrote it the old fashioned way.”


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