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This week of Jesse Tree has primarily been in reading about some of the prophesies of Jesus. Knowing how he has fulfilled them and will one day bring it all to completion has been exactly where my heart has needed to land all week. I remember saying to myself on Tuesday, the 15th just before going to bed “I need the Prince of Peace today.” It was a day that was triple booked. I had crawled into bed that morning near 1 AM after finishing up cookies for an exchange, rounded up kids for school, and as I was leaving for the day, received a call that made me cancel the day to check on my MIL. Needless to say I spent the rest of the day at the hospital with her. When they got her into ICU I finished the day out with running kids, a band concert, more running, last-minute shopping, attended a party briefly that was supposed to be at my house that night (thankfully my dear friend had it at her house instead), forgot my wallet, scrambled to trace my steps to locate it, and more running around. When the day was done, so was I.

Immanuel: God with us. It was super crucial for me this week to find the time to reflect on what He promises for those who trust in him. I cannot even imagine doing life without the His presence.

Day 13: Prophecy of  the Root of Jesse: Day 13 and 14 both fall within the same passage, so their illustrations were a kind of 2-fer.



Day 14: Prophesy of the Lion and the Lamb


Day 15: Prophecy of the Prince of Peace: This had to be a simple design for me!


Day 16: Prophecy of the Good Shepherd: I was challenged in this illustration because art is not really a strong thing for me, but I wanted a more realistic drawing of the Shepherd watching over his flock. It was inspired by a painting I saw on Pinterest.


Day 17: Prophecy of the Suffering Servant: Another Pinterest inspired painting


Day 18: Promise of the New Covenant


Day 19: Prophecy of the town of Bethlehem: This illustration I had done some months ago while reading through Micah. It is also inspired from a painting I saw on Pinterest.



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3 weeks before Easter I decided that I would read through the Gospel of John leading up to Easter. It is one of my favorites and is so full of deep theology and rich emotion. It was truly a wonderful thing. Not only was I reading it, but I also decided that I would use a journaling Bible that Alan got me for Christmas.

Recently I have discovered an amazing group in the cyber world who are involved in the illustrated faith movement. I call it a movement, although some may not consider it so.

Illustrated Faith is a group of people (which is primarily women, but not completely) who illustrate verses, songs, art, etc in the margins and pages of their Bibles. It is a form of art worship. Some are great at lettering, others at drawing. Some us stamps, stickers and scrapbooking skills. Really there is no right or wrong way. Some cover the words up with illustrations so they can’t be read, but others purposely avoid that. If you have a chance, check out this site.

So I thought I would share my pages I journaled from the Gospel of John.

For the first chapter, there are so many great verses I wanted to highlight that I choose 3. The word, Jesus is the light of life, and the lamb that takes away the sin of the world.


The second chapter I wanted to highlight the central theme of belief and journal some thoughts about that. What I hope is to pass this Bible down to one of my kids and it be a treasure of my faith.


Chapter 3 I again highlighted “belief”. Jesus repeats this phrase over and over in the gospel. Belief in Him is what brings about eternal life.


Chapter 4 is the woman at the well, so I choose to draw a coffee cup. Also highlighted a verse from Matthew about harvest.





In chapter 6, I wanted to journal a little about the significance of Jesus’ “I Am” statement, but didn’t have much room. I used a “tip in” which is adding a photo or paper that can be folded back.























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Last year, as a last-minute project, I decided to host a Jesse Tree Party at my house. Jesse Tree is a type of advent activity used to trace the lineage and promise of Messiah through the Old Testament everyday during the month of December. Each day there is a Christmas ornament and scripture passage that correlates together. The name “Jesse Tree” is taken from the prophecy passage in Isaiah 11:1-2. The promised Messiah, the Savior would one day come, from the lineage of King David, of whom we celebrate every Christmas season.

A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse;
from his roots a Branch will bear fruit.
The Spirit of the Lord will rest on him—
the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding,
the Spirit of counsel and of might,
the Spirit of the knowledge and fear of the Lord—

There are at least two main Jesse Tree versions that are used. They are mostly the same. The easiest way to identify them apart is that one has a day for Elijah and a day for Jonah, and the other does not. When I was preparing my own party, this was the main distinction that I found. Of course as they become more popular, there is very likely to be several versions out there.
Once I decided on the format that we would use, then the next task was finding 23 other friends who were willing to participate. The main idea of the Jesse Tree party is that each participant chooses one ornament to make (that correlates with the Bible passages) and then makes 24 copies of the same one. Being last-minute, it was difficult for me to find 23 other ladies. I think there were about 15 of us. To make up for the missing ornaments, some ladies choose to make 2 or 3. For example, since I was hosting the party, I decided that I would take the remaining ornaments after everyone else had chosen. There were 3 left over, so I made 24 ornaments for day 4 (which was the call of Abraham), 24 for day 13 (The Stump of Jesse), and 24 for day 14 (the Lion and the Lamb). Some are easier to make than others. I encouraged to girls to not worry about over doing it, and offered them several blogs and other resources for inspiration. I also created a Facebook page so that we could post updates and encouragement as well as share ideas about how to display them during the Christmas season. The benefit to making more than one set was that I was able to have 3 sets after the party was over, and I shared those sets with some friends of mine.

On the day of the Jesse Tree party, we each brought a brunch food and all 24 ornaments. Those who weren’t able to be at the party dropped their ornaments off early. We then created their set to take home at a later time. It was a lot of fun. My only regret was that I was having so much fun at the party that I didn’t take any pictures. 😦 Although it’s to late this year for you to host your own Jesse Tree Party, perhaps you will find inspiration for next year.

If you are looking for resources there is no shortage of them. I created my own Pinterest board that has a FEW of my favorite sites as well as some ideas for advent numbers, ways to display, and devotionals to use. I personally do not use a Jesse Tree book when our family sits down to share in this tradition. We read the passages, talk about what the ornament represents, and what that means or how it relates to Jesus. In coming posts I plan to share some of my own thoughts about these important life stories.

The main version that we used was the one found on this Blog. If you would like a complete list of the ornaments, click here to download our sign up sheet. Jesse Tree Ornaments

Also, for each ornament, I wanted the girls to have the Bible passages on cards for each day. They could attach them to the ornament, place them on the outside of the bag, or however they chose to display them. I sent them the following files. All they needed to do was print enough copies of the day they created for each ornament. There are 6 tags to a page. So again for me, I printed 8 copies of day 4, 13, and 14, since those were the ornaments I had been assigned to. Here is the file if you would like a copy to use as well.   Jesse Tree tags 1     Jesse Tree tags 2

There are a few versions out there that the ornaments can be printed off on paper and decorated or even made from felt. This would be a good option if you wanted to create a last-minute Jesse tree. The main importance is to not get caught up in “making and doing” but in reflecting and remembering who Christ was and why he came.

One final thought. I researched a long time about how I wanted to display our Jesse Tree ornaments. I wanted it to be a focal point so that 1. it would be part of our Christmas season 2. that I wouldn’t forget. Christmas is BUSY: Parties, dinners, shows, concerts, birthdays, shopping, etc. To display the ornaments I use a variety of boxes and bags. For the tags, I decided on creating another element of ornament by purchasing small frames that I painted. We display both the frame and the ornament along the garland on our stair case. There is no right or wrong way to display your Jesse Tree ornaments. Take the time to make it a special and important tradition.




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